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OdysseyStage Theatre presented A Spell of Cold Weather, a play for young audiences by Charles Way. Performances took place on August 15 and 22 in the Special Events Centre at University Mall, Chapel Hill. While Chapel Hill has a number of opportunities for young actors to develop their talent and be on stage, it does not have a community-based group of actors who regularly present plays for young audiences. The opportunity to present plays for children at University Mall, in cooperation with The ArtsCenter, opens the possibility for OdysseyStage to develop an ongoing series of such plays, using adults to present imaginative stories to kids.  While our initial presentation was under an hour, future productions could be full-length, and sometimes aimed at teen audiences.  Theater for Young Audiences (TYA) is an active part of the theater scene in cities nationwide, and OdysseyStage is pleased to bring TYA to University Mall.

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